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About us / News / 29. June 2021
Nora OG

Popacademic guest on Backspin podcast on sexism in German rap

29. June 2021

Popacademic Nora Seidel was a guest together with Lina Burghausen on the podcast "Stammtisch" of the hip hop magazine Backspin on the topic "An impulse for society #deutschrapmetoo".

The episode addresses structural sexism in our society and specifically in hip hop culture. The episode describes when sexism starts and where you encounter it in everyday life. Nora and Lina appeal for sensitization in everyday life and in school and suggest to address hip hop in the school context and to reflect rap lyrics.
Nora Seidel is studying for a master's degree in Popular Music at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. She is a rapper herself, with her project Nora OG her first album "13" will be released in 2021. As part of her master's thesis, she is looking at the production of German female rappers and their influence on the scene. She is committed to creating female role models in the rap scene.

Lina Burghausen is the founder of the all-female label "365 XX" and was a guest at the Popakademie's Zukunft Pop conference in 2019 on the topic of diversity in German hip hop.
The BACKSPIN podcast has been addressing hip hop and rap on a weekly basis since 2017 and picks up on current news from the scene.

Find the episode "An impulse for society #deutschrapmetoo" on Spotify.

Nora OG on YouTube.