Get involved / Pop macht Schule

Bring the Popakademie to your school!

The Popakademie Baden-Württemberg programme "Pop macht Schule" was created to introduce pupils to the topic of pop music, and to sharpen the senses for the creative use of popular music at an early stage - because playing music together promotes creativity and your own aesthetic judgment and social skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, patience, respect and reliability.

Since 2005, "Pop macht Schule" has proven itself a very successful concept for the promotion of cultural education in the schools of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. In 2009, the project received the State Teaching Award in the category of art and music colleges of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. In 2010, it was named a "Selected Landmark" as part of the "Land of Ideas" campaign.

The main sponsor of "Pop macht Schule" is BASF SE.

How does it work? With "Pop macht Schule" you can bring the Popakademie to your school for two days! Pop macht Schule offers exciting workshops in which pupils sing, write lyrics, get to know instruments and try playing them – this isn’t about watching, it’s about doing it yourself!

Which instruments? In addition to drums, electric guitar, electric bass and keyboard, you can also try out world music instruments: Bağlamas, Ouds, Kanuns and Darbukas. Of course there will also be singing and lyric writing. Even songs will be produced.

Who is leading the workshop? Lecturers and students from the Popakademie.

Who can apply? Realschulen, Werkrealschulen, Realschulen Plus, Gesamtschulen, Gemeinschaftsschulen, Sonderpädagogische Einrichtungen, Förderschulen and Berufsbildende Schulen from the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Each school should have a clear goal when participating in this special programme. Three to four classes and/or school bands should apply per school, about 60-70 students.

The coaching team in the schools consists of students in the bachelor programmes Pop Music Design and World Music who are focussing on band training and ensemble direction. Pop macht Schule visits each school for two days at intervals of a few weeks and offers two teacher training sessions as well as counselling appointments for the schools. At the end of the program there will be a big final concert at the Popakademie with all participating schools.