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Since 2009, the Popakademie has been an international meeting point for digital music business during the annual Future Music Camps. The FMC offers a platform for exchange between students and graduates of the Popakademie, students from other universities, musicians and companies.

Initially the first bar camp of the music industry, the FMC has developed into a modern, two-pronged conference for leaders and emerging talent from the creative industries. On the one hand, there will be lectures and talks by renowned speakers on music business topics. On the other there are open sessions that shed light on current topics in the creative industry and new career paths that have emerged through digitalisation within the branch.

Future Music Camp 2024

The importance of rights management is currently growing, influenced by AI-supported tools in marketing and music production as well as changing licensing requirements. The Future Music Camp (FMC) 2024 will therefore address current and upcoming challenges in the music and creative industries.
Top-class keynote speakers from Warner Chappell, TikTok Music, Soundcloud, ICE, Bermvda and Place Called Home, among others, will address questions such as: What are best practices and future prospects in the data-driven work of music publishers? How and with what innovations are streaming and video platforms responding to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence? Which new technologies can (DIY) artists use to reach their fans and communities? And last but not least, how are collecting societies dealing with this issue, what challenges exist and what projects are being initiated to address them?
The FMC invites you to discuss these questions together, debate innovative solutions and set the course for the future of the music industry.

In addition, sessions held by participants will be offered, the format will be determined by the participants themselves. Proposals can be submitted until April 22. All information on the sessions, examples from previous years, submission of proposals online at:

Participation in the FMC is free of charge, places are limited. Registration at: