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Recording in Progress!

In addition to numerous small studio rooms, the Popakademie utilises a large production studio whose professional recording facility is available to all producers and bands of the Popakademie. Entire bands can record and bigger projects can be realised in the large, climate-controlled rooms.

In the 58-square-metre editing booth you can find the heart of the studio, a Studer Vista5 digital mixing console, with which even larger productions can be perfectly executed and managed. Its complete storage options allow for continuous studio operation and the seamless coordination of many changing productions. Connected to the console is an Apple Power Mac with Pro Tools HD system or, alternatively, an RME MADI card to work with Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live or other native recording solutions. For Pro Tools as well as native programmes, a large number of Wave & UAD plug-ins are installed. Alternatively, there is also a Studer A800 24-track 2" tape machine available.

The main monitors are two surrounTec monolog speakers, or, alternatively, Nearfield KRK Expose monitors. Headphone mixes are set up using an Aviom Personal Monitor System.

Reverb and effects are created via a TC 6000 system, a Lexicon PCM 90 and an EMT 240 reverb plate. For dynamic processing, a DBX 162, an ADR CompexLimiter and two Empirical Labs Distressors are available. In addition to the Studer Vista 5’s 24 micro-preamps, we have a number of external preamps from NEVE, SSL, UAD, SPL and Avalon Designs to provide even more timbres.

Next to the editing booth there is a 64-square-metre recording room with natural light, a 14-square-metre drum booth and a 7-square-metre vocal booth. Microphone cables, video connections and speaker cables connect the individual rooms. All rooms are completely acoustically soundproofed, both from the outside and from one another, in order to ensure optimal conditions for important sessions.

The students and producers have access to a large number of high-quality studio microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG & CAD, as well as various guitar amplifiers and bass amps, and even some genuine vintage parts. A Kawai grand piano and numerous Korg keyboards and Fender instruments are also available.