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World Music

What will you learn?

The first two semesters lay the foundation for the programme. The basics of traditional and Western music are imparted in practice-oriented courses as well as in the areas of instrumental and project work (studio, ensemble, stage). Business basics are also taught.

In the four-semester main study period, practice-oriented skills, which are decisive for working in the professional field of world music, are acquired in projects and an internship.

In addition to musical or artistic content, the studies also provides competencies in the field of music business and illuminates the cultural background and current trends in world music.

Artistic and music business: basic level
  • Music production
  • Artist development and management
  • Business start-up
  • Image,stage & performance

Core music courses: basic level
  • Major instrument: bağlama, oud, kanun, percussion, djembe,
  • Minor instrument: keyboard, guitar or producing
  • Band and ensemble

Theoretical foundation
  • Music theory - Music of Turkish-Arabian or West African cultures
  • Western music theory & Rhythmic training
  • Music in cultural and historical contexts

In the four-semester main course of study, necessary skills are enhanced in a practical way. The course offerings are supplemented by masterclasses and workshops by prominent artists in the field of popular music and world music.

Core music courses: advanced level
  • Major and minor instrument lessons
  • Concert program, sound recording and multimedia production
  • Music theory & Rhythmic training
  • Band and performance coaching, ensemble work
  • Compositions of the Turkish-Arab cultural area
  • Recording/ live performance technique, Multimedia

The electives may include both subjects from the music business field, for example business start-up, artist development, pop culture, or from the artistic field, for example Popular Musics of the world, Multimedia, Masterclass Music Theory, Rehearsal / Fusion Band.

An essential part of the degree programme is a 12 week long mandatory internship in the 5th semester.

Artist Profiles

Instrumentalist and Performer
The basis is the craftsmanship, musical flexibility and versatility. Fundamentals of music theory and knowledge of repertoire are just as important as an interest in working in trans-cultural projects.

Training Objectives
Excellent craftsmanship, good fundamentals of musical theory, broad repertoire knowledge, musical versatility, genre-oriented performance, business fundamentals, intercultural competence.
Instrumental Teacher
Passing on music to others and working as an educator. Decisive are good skills of one or more instruments. Music theory knowledge of one's own music as well as that of Western music can be used in combination and conveyed equally well.

Training Objectives
Excellent craftsmanship, good fundamentals of musical theory, broad repertoire knowledge, musical versatility. Very good theoretical knowledge of both Western, Turkish Arabic or West African music. Intercultural and social skills, good teaching and pedagogical skills, especially in an intercultural context.