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KLINKT, our in-house agency for music services, has been coordinating the Popakademie’s solo musicians, bands and producers for live events or music marketing projects since 2007. The artist agency and performance rights organization thus serves as an interface between the musicians of the Popakademie and business and social interests of the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region.

KLINKT works with over 150 talented and professionally trained artists that can be booked as solo musicians, bands or DJs for short sets and large events. Each year, KLINKT refers roughly 250 artists for live events, e.g. weddings, corporate events and private parties. For companies, KLINKT has developed individually tailored marketing concepts, supported by the use of sound and music productions, and can also act as advisor. In the last few years, numerous sound logos, corporate jingles or audio brandings have been developed under our guidance, for example for the City of Mannheim, John Deere or Daimler.