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Regional Network

A meaningful promotion of popular culture, pop music and the pop scene in Baden-Württemberg can only be achieved in cooperation with the surrounding regions. That’s why the Popakademie’s RegioNet not only promotes the scene in Mannheim but also supports projects in other regional cities. Cooperations with pop-culture centres Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Ulm and the regions of Neckar-Alb, Bodensee-Oberschwaben and Heilbronn-Franken help build a strong network and long-term structures.

RegioNet has emerged as a project of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg from discussions and meetings in the past years. The results were incorporated into the recommendations of the Working Group on Popular and Youth Music in Baden-Württemberg of the Provincial Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. The integration of existing structures and networks is paramount, pushing continuous dialogue between the Popakademie and the municipal actors. The aim of the measures is the preservation and further development of fundamental regional support for pop in the individual regions of Baden-Württemberg.

The pop-cultural centres of the regions address the following tasks:
  • Advising and coaching
  • Education and continuing education
  • Communication
  • Events
  • Development of infrastructure and frameworks

An additional goal of RegioNet is effective and sustainable lobbying: pop music should also be understood as a cultural and economic asset. The integration of existing structures is essential - because existing know-how and networks can allow additional measures to be implemented more quickly and efficiently.

RegioNet Partners

Popbüro Region Stuttgart
The Popbüro Region Stuttgart (Pop Office of the Stuttgart Region) is part of the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH and is supported by the MedienRegion Stuttgart, the FilmComission Region Stuttgart and the Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH. The Popbüro is tasked with promoting pop culture, music and aspiring artists as well as music companies and startups: new business models, young go-getters and young, emerging musicians are meant to profit from the Popbüro Region Stuttgart. It is focused on developing the region and its communication, education and sustainable, social cultural offerings.

Peter James/Pierre Seidel
Fon: +49 711 4890970
The city of Freiburg boasts not only a high-quality classical music scene and a prevalent jazz culture, but also a lively band culture in the rock and pop scene. Traditional large-scale events such as the International Tent Music Festival are known far and wide. Multicore e.V., the Freiburg Initiative for Live Musik, is responsible for actively supporting the live music scene in daily life in Freiburg. The Jazz & Rock Schools of Freiburg offer education and continuing education in popular music. The state-recognised degree programme in Jazz & Rock trains and educates professional musicians. In addition, Freiburg offers courses and workshops for music educators as well as private and band lessons for hobby musicians.

Christian Pertschy
Fon: +49 761 3688890
Web: Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg
PopNetz Karlsruhe
PopNetz Karlsruhe is an open group of individuals, institutions and companies that support young rock and pop musicians. It consists of the cultural centres Substage, Jubez and Tempel, the Music Station and the Musikschule Intakt, as well as the Kulturamt and the Wirtschaftsförderung der Stadt Karlsruhe. The PopNetz is organised as a working group aimed at collecting know-how and experience from all actors and making it available to all musicians and young companies.

Andreas Schorpp
Fon: +49 173 9835383
Popbastion Region Ulm Donau
The popbastion.ulm is an institution for supporting the rock and pop music scene in Ulm and its surroundings. Founded in 2002, it is supported by the Kulturabteilung der Stadt Ulm and the Stadtjugendring Ulm e.V.

Through collaboration with municipal, regional and state partners from the arts, youth services, business and education, the popbastion.ulm initiates creative processes, diverse projects and all kinds of events.

It offers consulting, qualification and networking within the music scene and beyond, and ranges from coordinating rehearsal and performance opportunities and workshops to implementing projects with various partners. One focus of its work is in music and social pedagogy, enabling immigrants and families lacking education to take part in the artistic, cultural happenings in society.

Jan Ilg
Fon: + 49 731 1406920
Popförderung Mannheim
To strengthen Mannheim as a destination for music, the city established a position for a commissioner for music and pop culture. This position is the communal interface between all institutionalised and free activities in Mannheim’s pop culture scene. Its focus is on networking in the creative industries and establishing structures. Mannheim tasked itself with refining and expanding its position as a centre of competence for music and pop culture and to develop new approaches for supporting creative industries at the community level.

Beril Yilmam
Fon: +49 621 2933783
Popbüro Region Neckar-Alb
The Popbüro Neckar-Alb is the first point of contact in popular music for all bands, companies, public offices and associations in the region Tübingen/Reutlingen/Balingen. The Popbüro organises regular courses, seminars, trainings and workshops. In addition, events, industry meet-ups and projects and coordinated centrally and in close cooperation with businesses, communities, youth-related and cultural institutions and individual artists and experts. It also offers industry-specific advising in cooperation with experts for bands and emerging artists.

Klaus Kupke
Fon: +49 7121 3032355
Popbüro Bodensee-Oberschwaben
The Popbüro Bodensee-Oberschwaben is a project of the city of Ravensburg in cooperation with the Musikschule and the Jugendhaus Ravensburg. In the focal point of the office, the audio lab in the Jugendhaus, young musical talents and bands receive support, advice and help with common projects. Highlights include the annual music week in autumn as well as individual projects at schools.

Michael Wielath
Fon: +49 751 17987
Web: Popbüro Bodensee-Oberschwaben
Popbüro Heilbronn-Franken
The Popbüro Heilbronn-Franken creates structures for supporting popular music within the region. Under the umbrella of the Stadt- und Kreisjugendring Heilbronn e.V., existing approaches from associations and initiatives, educational and cultural institutions as those in the private sector are stimulated, promoted and connected. Supplementary projects and events as well as a broad spectrum of further educational opportunities bolster the structures of the regional pop music support scene.

Daniel Schütt
Fon: +49 7131 82396
Web: Popbüro Heilbronn-Franken