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Music & Creative Industries

What will you learn?

The consecutive business degree programme Music and Creative Industries provides the stepping stone for a successful career with leadership ambitions in the creative industries.

Within the programme, the creative industries are considered as a whole, with particular emphasis on the convergences between the various sub-sectors. In addition to the music business, the focus is on the film, games, publishing and advertising industries.

The practical and individual degree programme educates lateral thinkers who are characterized by comprehensive solution orientation and networking competence.

Prof. Dr. Nina Schneider
"About 50 percent of our alumni work in other creative industries, such as advertising agencies, film and TV companies, and design, fashion, or games."
The master programme Music and Creative Industries is divided into five main modules:
  • Introduction
    This module teaches the peculiarities, characteristics and challenges of the creative industries and their sub-sectors.
  • Business and Communication Skills
    The Business and Communication Skills module deals with all relevant aspects of “leadership” and “communication” in the field of music and creative industries.
  • Analysis and Methods
    The subject of this module is the theoretical and practical understanding of analysis and research methods with in the music and creative industries.
  • Content
    The content module deals with production techniques, product management, financial management, marketing and legal aspects of the music industry or creative ministries and the submarkets. In addition to the music industry, there is a particular focus on film, publishing, games and advertising.
  • Projects and Practice
    This module summarizes all practical parts of the degree programme: internship, research project and master thesis.

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