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Free entry to
the concerts!

Each concert begins at 8:00 pm.

Live on stage

At the Work in Progress Club, students from the Popular Music programmes present their own songs “live on stage”. Bands and solo artists offer the public an early glimpse into their creative process. Many songs are debuted on this stage. Whether punk, folk, hip-hop or rock - they cover the complete spectrum of popular music.

The concerts take place once a month throughout the semester. In addition, the Producers’ Club, the Jazzbox and the World Music Café offer special concerts as part of the Work in Progress Club series.

At the Producers’ Club, producing and PCA students from the Popular Music degree programmes present their current projects, ranging from EDM and dubstep to classic band recordings. Once a year, the Jazzbox presents the singers' jazz projects. The World Music Café, primarily featuring students from the World Music degree programme, takes place once per semester.

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