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In the "Popakademie Talks" series, guests from the music and culture sectors speak on various current topics. In the summer semester of 2022, the talks dealt with the topic of mental health. In the past, guests on the topic of "Discrimination in Music" have included Malcolm Ohanwe, Malonda, and Defne Şahin. The talks are open to the public, and online participation is usually possible.

The Pop Academy initiated the talk series in 2021 to respond to current issues and to invite artists and creative professionals to discuss current topics. The talks will be moderated by the head of the program, Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström, among others.

In the winter semester 2022/2023, the Popakademie Talks will deal with the topic "Music and Environment - Influences of the Environment on Musical Processes". This semester's guests are Maria Sonevytsky, Julia Nagele and Fine Stammnitz, who will talk about their experiences and engagements.

The current dates of Popakademie Talks can be found in the Calendar.

The Popakademie Talk is a hybrid event, participation is free of charge. Just drop by the Popakademie without registration!
For online participation via Zoom, however, we ask you to register via the corresponding calendar entry.