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About us / News / 22. February 2022
listentojules was part of the 2022 KulturGut festival ©Dumitrita Gore

Popacademics at KulturGut festival

22. February 2022

The KulturGut festival was created by the cultural editorial department of the Mannheimer Morgen to support artists and musicians in times of pandemic. This year, the focus is on young, up-and-coming artists whose careers have been affected by the current situation.

At the second edition of the KulturGut festival, the pop academics listentojules, Alex Mayr, Henny Herz and Gabriel Zanetti as well as Adina and Paul Gerlinger from the Bandpool of the Popakademie. The festival took place, as last year, in Mannheim's music cabaret Schatzkistl, with the 15 professional short performances being streamed and thus presented to an audience free of charge.

All participants are guaranteed a basic fee, although it is hoped for donations and thus an increase in the fee. This hope was not disappointed last year. An additional incentive this year is that five times two seats in the Schatzkistl will be raffled between all donors, if the pandemic situation allows it. The streaming event was made financially possible by an anonymous donor who laid the foundation for it with a generous contribution of 10,000 euros.

The stream of this year's KulturGut festival is available here.