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Crash!Boom! Bang!
Crash!Boom! Bang!
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World Drum Festival

The Popakademie’s drummers and percussionists are world renowned. In 2017, four of our instructors were nominated to the annual Readers Poll in »Modern Drummer«, the world’s most influential magazine for drummers. Against this backdrop, the Popakademie hosts the World Drum Festival every year in November - in 2021, the World Drum Festival took place for the seventh time.

The festival serves as a meeting point for drummers and percussionists from different cultures to make music, exchange ideas and network. Workshops, master classes, panels and concerts allow world-class soloists the chance to present themselves to an interested audience. They highlight the current state of affairs in the global drum and percussion scene.

Internationally renowned musicians such as Virgil Donati (dr.), Christin Neddens (dr.), Lui Ludwig (dr.), Jost Nickel (dr.), Joannie Labelle (perc.), Murat Coskun (framedrums), Noah Fürbringer (dr.), Claudio Spieler (perc.), Pape Seck (perc.) and Rossi Rossberg (Drum Tuning) will take part.

The festival takes place in cooperation with the Cultural Office of the City of Mannheim and the European drummers­association Percussion Creativ.