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About us / News / 18. February 2021

Popakademie alumni initiate network to promote club culture

18. February 2021

The recently founded Interessengemeinschaft Clubkultur Baden-Württemberg has set itself the goal of creating a regional cluster of all those responsible for club culture in Baden-Württemberg and representing their interests and concerns vis-à-vis administration, business and state politics.

The IG Clubkultur Baden-Württemberg was co-initiated by the two music business graduates Anna Blaich und Zora Brändle.

So far, more than 100 people as well as institutions from the event industry in more than 20 cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg have joined the network.

With a view to the state elections in Baden-Württemberg on 14 March 2021, IG Clubkultur Baden-Württemberg has created a series of election test stones. These will be signed by the participants and sent by the interest group to the parties standing for election. From the answers, the network hopes to get an overview of how the respective parties position themselves in the state.

Other goals include the establishment of a state-wide pop commissioner, the introduction of a separate budget item for the promotion of club culture and a state-wide programme for health protection and safety in nightlife.