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About us / News / 07. July 2021

Relaunch of the Popakademie Podcast

07. July 2021

From a student and free podcast project to the official podcast of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg: flüsterPOP. by popakademie.

The previous podcast "flüsterpop." will be continued within the framework of the podcast working group "flüsterPOP. by popakademie" by a total of ten students together with two Popakademie-FSJ students. In 2020, flüsterpop. was initiated by the four Music and Creative Industries students Artur Jansen, Fabian Henning, Ann-Marie Utz and Zora Martin.

The first episode of the new edition appeared on Wednesday, July 07, 2021, introducing the new team and picking up on the current European soccer championship. In the future, two formats will alternate: flüsterPOP. interviews. and flüsterPOP. talks.. The podcast deals with current topics at the Pop Academy with background information about studying and life in Mannheim, it provides insights into the music industry and presents exciting interviewees. You can find flüsterPOP. by popakademie on numerous streaming platforms, including Spotifiy.

The podcast is hosted by students Magdalena Bojanowski (2nd semester Bachelor Music Business), Elena Pasniceanu, Ulrike Schröder, Denis Karasik and Alexander Grünig (all 2nd semester Master Music and Creative Industries).

The three previous producers are happy: "We are pleased that our podcast flüsterpop. will now be officially continued and that in the future students will have the opportunity to try their hand at podcasting and continue to shape the format," said Zora Marie Martin, Ann-Marie Utz and Artur Jansen.

Also the topic for the second consequence is already certain. With flüsterPOP. interviews. the Popakademie managing directors are Professor Hubert Wandjo (Business director) and Professor Udo Dahmen (artistic director) to guest.

The first episode of the new production is available here.