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About us / News / 20. May 2022
Singer Bojan of Clock Clock © Daniel Keil

Bandpool Act at number 1 in the German airplay charts

20. May 2022

The former Bandpool band ClockClock landed at No. 1 in the German airplay charts at the beginning of May with their song "Sorry". With the song "Brooklyn," a joint musical project with the producer collective Glockenbach, ClockClock had already made it to No. 5 in the German charts in February 2022. With almost over 40 million streams in 2021 and two successful radio singles, the band is one of the most exciting new pop acts.

ClockClock consists of singer and songwriter Bojan Kalajdzic and the two producers Mark Vonsin and Fabian Fieser. The electro-pop trio originally comes from Landau and is currently moving to Berlin. Just the right place for the energetic ClockClock sounds, which, as they say themselves, brings together boundless creativity with hypnotic melodies and vibes.

The three guys from ClockClock were part of the 20th generation of the Bandpool, the popakademie's own support program for bands and solo acts, from 2018 to 2019. For 18 months, the selected acts receive free advice and individual coaching during 10 workshop weekends. Applications for the new generation of Bandpool start on September 1.

Here you can find all further information about the Bandpool.