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About us / News / 27. November 2019
Max Giesinger mit dem Bambi

Bambi for Max Giesinger and his band

27. November 2019

On 21 November Max Giesinger was awarded the Audience-Bambi. His band, consisting of Lars Brand (drums), Klaus Sahm (keys), Steffen Graef (guitars) and David Thornton (bass) - all former Popakademie students - is happy with him. Max Giesinger himself also got a taste of Popakademie air when he was part of the 2011 Bandpool programme to promote young talent. For 18 months he worked with professionals from the Popakademie network.

Max Giesinger became part of the Bandpool in 2011 and thus laid the foundation for his successful career. The Bandpool is the Popakadmie's young talent development program for acts with potential for a professional career. Here Giesinger was coached over a period of 18 months by professionals from the Popakademie network. During this time he also got to know his band, which is made up of former Popakademie students.

The 71st Bambi Award Ceremony took place on 21 November in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and was broadcast live on ARD. In a total of 18 categories, four of them for musicians, this year's Media Award went to Sarah Conner in the category "Music National" and to the British pop band Simply Red in the category "Legend. In addition to Max Giesinger, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Nico Santos sang around the audience Bambi, which the singer won with his song "Legends"

The application phase for the Bandpool runs until 30 November. Further information on the young talent development programme and the application form can be found at