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About us / News / 27. November 2020
Award winner Julia Nagele © Hannah Schemel

Popakademie graduates win main prizes of the Klangspektrum BW project

27. November 2020

More than 1,000 pieces of music reached the music programme Klangspektrum BW, which the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation launched this summer as a Corona aid package for the cultural sector.
A jury of experts has now awarded seven musicians from five genres with the main prizes. Among them are two Popakademie graduates.

Mareike Berg, a graduate of the Master's Programme in Popular Music, won the main prize in the Pop category with her project Ultramaryn and her song "Tiefsee".

The main prize in the jazz category goes to Julia Nagele, Master student in the Popular Music programme, and her project listentojules with the song "It's raining".

In addition to the fee, the seven award winners will each receive 3,000 euros.

One of the partners in the Klangspektrum BW project is SWR, which has compiled the portraits of the award winners and all the entries submitted in a special programme and is streaming them for 67 hours.

The music programme Klangspektrum BW was aimed at independent musicians who live mainly in Baden-Württemberg and who also had to meet numerous criteria.