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About us / News / 16. April 2021
ok.danke.tschüss © Henri Heiland

Popakademie Act Wins "DEINE BAND" Contest

16. April 2021

The Popakademie act ok.danke.tschüss has won a music contest called by the Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle as part of their cooperation project DEINE BAND. The synthpop band from Mannheim beat out four other finalists in front of a jury of experts and will now write ten songs for German learners and produce music videos.

Workshops and international performances are also planned for the coming year. The project will kick off with a concert by ok.danke.tschüss in August 2022 in Vienna, which will take place as part of the International Conference of German Teachers (IDT).

The aim of the project DEINE BAND is to provide young learners of German with playful access to the German language and culture through catchy melodies and understandable song lyrics. The Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle provide language teaching support for the song production. DEINE BAND is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

The band members of ok.danke.tschüss met at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Eva Sauter, Benjamin Doser, Manuel Praxmarer and Lucas Firmbach are studying the bachelor's degree programme in pop music design there. In October 2020, ok.danke.tschüss released their debut album "Kaputt weil's nicht funktioniert". Manager of the synthpop band is music business graduate Patrick Kruppa.

DEINE BAND is a project of the Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle. The project is supported by the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and the PopCamp of the German Music Council. The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.