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About us / News / 12. June 2023
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Open Call for the Giga-Hertz Prize

12. June 2023

The Giga-Hertz Prize for Electronic Music and Sound Art has been awarded since 2007. With submissions from over 40 countries per call for entries, the prize is one of the most prestigious of its kind internationally. This year, the ZKM | Karlsruhe, the SWR Experimentalstudio and the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg are jointly offering prize money of € 25,000.

The main prize of €10,000 for renowned composers of electronic music with a lasting influence on the aesthetics and development of this genre is determined by the jury's suggestions and not selected from the applications.
Composers and sound artists can apply for two Giga-Hertz Production Prizes (each worth €5,000) and the newly established PopExperimental Prize (worth €5,000) in 2022. Artists:inside, whose works fit into both categories, can apply for both prize categories.
The award ceremony will take place on the second weekend of December 2023 and is part of the multi-day Giga-Hertz Festival, which invites to concerts around electronics, experiments and pop, DJ sets, artist talks and workshops for all ages.
The name of this year's festival is "Radical Polytronics." The reference to radicality and polyphony reflects ZKM's role as a laboratory for forward-thinking ideas and its emphasis on artist:s working for broader social change. 'Polytronics', on the other hand, refers not only to the great diversity and range within electronic music, but also to the urgent need for sustainable technologies that describe the future direction of ZKM under the new direction of Alistair Hudson. In a global 'interlocal' exchange between communities in specific geographical areas - as opposed to international homogeneity - we are opening a new chapter aimed at making voices from around the world even more heard.

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