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New Bandpool generation finalized

29. February 2024

The Bandpool, the top support program of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, presents its 26th generation. Seven talented artists from all over Germany with different genres and styles were selected from over 250 applications to take part in the 18-month program.

The range of the new generation is considerable: Nikra impresses with queer, punk energy, while Nico Onur moves listeners with his emotional and authentic lyrics. Kat Kit ventures into new territory with experimental sounds. Despite their danceable indie-pop songs, the Ottolien brothers don't skimp on depth. Karo Lynn sings with a deep timbre in a melancholy atmosphere straight to the soul and Marlo Grosshardt doesn't hold back politically. Naomi Westlake makes us feel the bass in our veins with melancholy pop lyrics and driving beats...

"We have found a fantastic new generation of artists whom we are helping to realize their full potential. We will certainly be hearing a lot more from them in the music scene," says Daniel Schmidt, Bandpool Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

"The Bandpool is the Popakademie's top support program since 1998. It has produced numerous successful bands such as ClockClock, Revolverheld, Max Giesinger, Lotte, Provinz, NOVAA and Betterov. With over 150 participating acts, we have a successful track record: 70 deals with majors, 86 chart entries, several gold awards and ECHO nominations, two ECHOs, nine Radio Regenbogen Awards and many other accolades. We are now looking forward to the new generation," says Michael Herberger, Business Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

The 2024 jury consisted of Martin Müller (Karlstorbahnhof), Niklas Tholen (Sony Music Pub. & Embassy o.M. ), Julia Osterried (Chromatic Talents), Benedikt Wiehle (SWR3), Sonja Urmann (Fizz mgmt), Lukas Menke (Selective Artists), Marcel Valin (BMG), Benedikt Prüwer (Better Way mgmt), Lisa Ruetz (Place Called Home), Victoria Gaal (Universal Music), Johanna Herzer Santana (Wasted Talent Entertainment), Kevin Niedernhöfer (BTA), Isabelle Schaa (Budde Music), Nepomuk Kähler (Neubau Music), Norbert Rudnitzky (Downbeat, Warner), Alina Thevis (Universal Music), the Bandpool project group consisting of students from the Bachelor's degree program in Music Business: Merlin Wild, Hannah Bechmann, Clara Buschmann, Falk Herick (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Bandpool), Daniel Schmidt (Bandpool), Nils Max (Künstleragentur Klinkt, Bandpool, Regionet).

The Bandpool offers selected artists an extensive program of workshops, coaching and mentoring. In collaboration with experienced lecturers from the music industry, the 26th generation receives individual support in all areas of the music business - from music production to performing on stage.

Find out more about the Bandpool on YouTube