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About us / News / 19. February 2024
ISAAK © Valentin Ammmon

German ESC entry appears on alumni label

19. February 2024

The German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö took place at the weekend. The artist ISAAK impressed both the international juries and the TV audience in the live show with his song "Always on the run".

ISAAK is signed to the Mannheim label "Good Kid", which was founded by music business and pop music design alumni Moritz Schunk, Jules Kalmbacher and Jens Schneider. But there are other participants in the preliminary round who have a connection to the Popakademie. In addition to FLORYAN, who is currently studying in the Music and Creative Industries Master's program, Paul-Aaron Wolf, a student in the Popular Music Master's program, also took part as part of the band GALANT and RYK, who was represented in the 17th generation of the Popakademie band pool with his former project Foxos.