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Press / 06. March 2024

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Popakademie presents World Music B.A. program

06. March 2024

At the beginning of the application phase at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, free information events on the World Music course are offered at several locations in Germany. These information days take place in cooperation with music schools and Alevi cultural associations.

In addition to a free workshop for students with Kenan Tülek, who teaches the Turkish long-necked lute Bağlama at the Popakademie, there will be a presentation and information about the Bachelor's degree program in World Music:

Saturday, 09.03. at 17:00
Youth Music School Hamburg
Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg

Saturday, 16.03. at 15:00
Alevi community Ludwigsburg
Osterholzallee 142, 71636 Ludwigsburg

Sunday, 17.03. at 13:00
Alevi community Wiesloch
Baiertalerstr.96, 69168 Wiesloch

Friday, 22.03. at 15:00 h
Alevi community Worms
Weinsheimerstr.65, 67547 Worms

About Kenan Tülek:
Kenan Tülek began learning the Bağlama independently at a young age. Through lessons in various cultural centers, he gained an insight into traditional Anatolian folk music. From the very beginning, he has been interested in the various playing techniques, especially the innovative Şelpe playing technique. His technical skills were refined by the master Erdal Erzincan, with whom he attended numerous courses. He also researched the traditional Alevi music of Anatolia on site. Tülek studied Bachelor and Master of Music on the instrument Bağlama at Codarts Rotterdam University for Arts and Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (ITÜ). Tülek also publishes textbooks, such as "Playing the Bağlama, The Şelpe Technique" in 2018 and "Playing the Bağlama, The Tezene Technique" in 2019.

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