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Anika Nilles


Department Chief Drums.

Anika is a drummer, composer and educator. Over the past eight years, she has made a name for herself as a YouTube sensation with more than 20 million views on her drum videos featuring original compositions. She has also toured Europe, Asia, Russia and North America as a solo artist.

Anika's style is characterized by her strong groove, sophistication in technique and unique sound! Her use of the drums as an expressive instrument rather than just a rhythm instrument allows for extravagant playing without taking the focus off the music. Anika inspires drummers and musicians worldwide to develop their skills and create their own music. She proved to be an important role model for many other female drummers seeking their place in this male-dominated scene.

Well known in the drumming community, Anika won the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for "Up And Coming Artist" as well as "#1 Rising Star" in DRUM! magazine in 2015 and 2016, and was voted "#3 best educator" at the 2017 UK Drummies Awards and "#1 for best clinician" at the 2018 UK Musicradar Awards.

Her latest album "for a colorful Soul" made it directly to the "iTunes top 40 Top jazz releases" chart in the US, peaking at #3, and she has toured Europe, Asia, Russia and North America as a solo artist. In addition to her own music, which she tends to carry into the jazz scene with her band, she has also worked as a studio and session musician with Michael League, Nate Werth, Namika, Casandra Steen, Ken Aihara, Jim Peterik and many others.

In 2020 she published her first instructional book through Alfred Music Publishing and is a contributing writer for the German drum magazine Drums & Percussion.