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Anika Nilles


Department Chief Drums.

Anika Nilles has become the German figurehead of "modern drumming" on the international stage since 2014. She has been admired in the professional world for years for her rhythmic intelligence. The world's most influential drum magazine "Modern Drummer" (USA) put her on the cover. She was the fifth woman in nearly four decades. With over 20 million views on social media platforms, she is a co-initiator of the "modern age" of today's drumming scene.
"Her large musical vocabulary, her expressiveness and lightness, her very tasteful, subtle drum compositions with surprisingly explosive drum fills inspire drummers all over the world." (Die Zeit) Anika's sound is a melting pot of influences from jazz, funk, rock, pop and everything in between. Legendary guitarist and multiple Grammy winner "Jeff Beck" appreciates this and brought her into his current touring band in 2022.
Anika has also worked with artists such as: Jim Peterik (Suvivor); Johnny Depp (Jeff Beck, Hollywood Vampires); Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy); Caligola; John Bundrick (The Who); Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy); Ken Aihara; Ashley Hicklin; Herbie Crichlow (Backstreet Boys, and many more) Kaz Rodriguez (Josh Groben); Namika; Casandra Steen; Max Mutzke; Andreas Kümmert.
Her masterclasses and clinics are magnet point for numerous drummers* worldwide. As an author she has already been working for the German magazine "Drums & Percussion" since 2016 and finally published her first textbook on Alfred Music Publishing in 2020. Her writing work includes articles for DRUM! (USA) Magazine, Rhythm Mag (UK), Berklee College of Music (USA).