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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. (Erich Fromm)
vocals, songwriting, arrangement, band coaching

Prof.Annette Marquard

vocals, songwriting, arrangement, band coaching

Department Chief Singing/Songwriting

Department Chief Singing/Songwriting

Prof. Annette Marquard is Department Chief at the Pop Academy in the area of Singing/Songwriting. In addition to her studies (education & psychology) she completed a vocal training at the conservatory in Frankfurt am Main.

Through many theater productions in the Rhine-Main area she came to lyrics and songwriting.

In addition to her three published albums with her ensembles, she has had numerous engagements as a singer and background singer for German and English-speaking acts (Elton John, Whitney Houston, Chris Rea, Sabrina Setlur, Sarah Connor, MTV Unplugged: "Wettsingen in Schwetzingen", Michael Sagmeister, Georg Ringsgwandl, Tilmann Höhn and Kate Nelson).

In many TV formats of ZDF, SAT1 and HR she was seen with singing pedagogical contributions.

Annette Marquard is also the author of several books:
  • "Work out your voice" , tips and tricks for singers:inside and songwriters, PPV Medien Verlag.
  • "Vocal Practice", voice training for singers and speakers, PPV Medien Verlag
  • "Strong appearance", the training program for more self-confidence in professional life, Junfermann Verlag