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Bass, Bandcoaching

Prof.Frank Itt

Bass, Bandcoaching

Department Chief Electric Bass

Professor Frank Itt started his career as a bass player as a pure autodidact. Very early on he came into contact with very good musicians through ˮglückliche Zufälleˮ and was able to prove himself in successful and demanding projects. At the same time teaching on the instrument became a big part of his work. Since 1985 he has been working as a freelance band coach and lecturer at countless workshops. Since the foundation of the Popakademie in 2003 he has been working as a lecturer for bass and band coaching. He has been running his own recording studio for a long time, where he can make good use of his knowledge from his studies of electrical engineering. In the course of this he also worked as a producer for various artists.

His book ˮThumgamesˮ was published by AMA-Verlag.

He played among others with: The Touch, Jennifer Rush, Die Ärzte, Howard Carpendale, Al Bano & Romina Power, Pili Pili, Matthias Reim, Michael Sagmeister, Till Brönner, Grooveminister, Lotto King Karl, Jule Neigel