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producing, keyboard, bandcoaching, analytical hearing

Prof.Florian Sitzmann

producing, keyboard, bandcoaching, analytical hearing

Department Chief Producing[/QU]

Prof. Florian Sitzmann has been working successfully since 1992 as a producer, songwriter, sound designer and arranger for emerging and established artists, including Nena, Sasha, Xavier Naidoo, Edo Zanki, André Heller, Die Söhne Mannheims, Allison Paige, Cae Gauntt, Andru Donalds, Nino de Angelo, Dieter Falk, Mine, Johannes Falk, Wallis Bird, Christina Stürmer, Sarah Brightman and many more. In addition to gold records, platinum awards and prizes, the musician has received the "ECHO" and the "Radio Regenbogen-Award", some of the most coveted awards in the music industry.

Since 1988, Prof. Florian Sitzmann has also played piano, keyboards and cello in countless studio recording sessions for a wide variety of artists and producers, and at times has become one of the most sought-after studio musicians in these fields. As a live keyboardist he played for more than 20 years with the "Söhne Mannheims".

At the Popakademie Prof. Florian Sitzmann and his students explore the wide and fascinating field of pop music production in all its facets.

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