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E-Guitar, Bandcoaching

Prof.Peter Wölpl

E-Guitar, Bandcoaching

Department Chief Electric Guitar

Prof. Peter Wölpl works as a lecturer, guitarist, composer and producer.
  • Over 100 releases as studio guitarist (e.g. Falco among others), and film and television recordings (e.g. Klaus Doldinger)
  • Television series "Superdrumming" (with Simon Phillips, Bill Bruford, Cozy Powell, Louie Bellson, Ian Paice, among others)
  • worldwide tours and recordings with the Billy Cobham Band, Wolfgang Schmid's Kick, Klaus Lage Band
  • Producer of, for example: Bruno Jonas, Klaus Lage, Luminos W
  • Composer of film and television music, songs for pop/jazz music
  • has been working as a lecturer in many countries for 25 years (with Wayne Krantz, T.M Stevens, Zach Danziger, among others)
  • own label: "PeWoE Records"
  • own projects: "Mr. Fudge speaks", "Mr. Wölpl and Dr. Fudge", 3erGezimmeR, Rubo(W)ölpl "Elktrfzrt", Luminos W "Punkt"