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Zukunft Pop x Electronic Music: register now

10. November 2023

At the Zukunft Pop conference on Saturday, December 9th 2023, experts from the electronic music scene will discuss electronic music. The program is curated by Arno Müller and Angie Taylor.

It starts at 1 pm with the panel on the topic of promoting young talent. Moderator Anna Blaich welcomes guests Annelie Schwarz (winner of the Female Producer Prize 2023 and student at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg), Anne Haffmanns and Daniel Miller & Diane Zillmer from the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.
Angie Taylor talks with Michelle Kelly Lehmann (DJane/Producer), Alma Ernst (Mentor/Artist Agent), Theresa Kern (Clubkultur BW) and Jessica Jancen (Student Popakademie Baden-Württemberg) on the topic: Be the Change! Among other things, the panel will deal with the current booking situation, the working reality of female artists and the role of female artists in the scene.
Popakademie acts Sophia Butzinger and Conrad Lampe will open the panels.
Arturia, Ableton and the Popakademie's Modular Ensemble will be exhibiting.
Aftershow party with Vladimir Dubyshkin, Jessica Jancen, Tino Machauer and Kaylee from 11 pm at "Das Zimmer" in Mannheim.

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There is also a workshop for children and young people aged 10 to 16: SOUNDS. - Producing & songwriting on the tablet. Participants will learn the basics of producing and songwriting on a tablet. In everyday situations at the Popakademie, tones, sounds and melodies are recorded, collected and archived on the tablet. At the same time, some of the group will write their own song lyrics and an independent creative process will emerge
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More information about the program will follow.

The Popakademie conference format was initiated by Prof. Udo Dahmen in 2009 and is supported by the Baden-Württemberg State Institute for Communication.