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About us / News / 16. April 2024
Hesham Hamra

World music alumnus sets his story to music

16. April 2024

After fleeing Syria in 2016, Hesham Hamra studied for a bachelor's degree in world music with a focus on oud at the Popakademie. Inspired by his father, he wanted to become a musician from an early age and even the war in his home country did not deter him from this goal. Through various stages, his path led him to Mannheim and the Popakademie. There he completed his studies with a Bachelor of Arts and continued his education at the conservatory in composition.

He composes pieces for the Staatsphilharmonie in Ludwigshafen and the ensemble Colourage, which was founded four years ago by the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, the Oriental Music Academy Mannheim (OMM) and the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Colourage is a poetic play on words made up of color (color), courage (courage) and collage (mixture). It is about bringing together music from the Orient and Occident. In his pieces "Jasmin" and "Journey" he deals with the story of his origins and his escape.

Information on the World Music course

The World Music course focuses on Turkish, Arabic and West African music, as well as its connection to popular music both in the countries of origin and in its cultural development in local popular culture.
The artistic idea, its implementation and credibility are at the center of the course. The course is aimed at creative and talented instrumentalists, composers, ensemble leaders and instrumental teachers.
All areas of world music are in demand for the accredited World Music course: classical, traditional music, but also new connections with fusion, jazz, popular music, western art music, etc.
The application phase for the World Music degree program is currently underway.
The application deadline is April 30, 2024 and you can apply here.