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About us / News / 26. November 2021
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Song by pop academy student heard in McDonald's commercial

26. November 2021

"I Follow" by pop academic Loi is the song for this year's Christmas commercial for fast-food chain McDonald's.

Loi, whose real name is Leonie Greiner, has been studying for a bachelor's degree in pop music design at the Pop Academy since 2021. The 18-year-old already gained notoriety on the social media platform TikTok, where she uploaded mainly cover songs and won many fans with her dark, powerful voice. She was also a finalist on the casting show "The Voice Kids" in 2017.

In April 2021, Loi released her first single "I Follow," which also became a huge success. Now this very song has been used by McDonald's as background music in their new commercial "The Magic Fries". Here, Lois' voice accompanies a little girl during a car ride through a snowy town where preparations for Christmas are going on everywhere. The girl uses her french fry like a magic wand to turn on the town's Christmas lights.

The song "I Follow" was created in collaboration between Loi and many other pop academics. Mark Becker (currently studying pop music design), Louis Leibfried (pop music design B.A. & popular music M.A.) and Felix Volk (music business B.A.) contributed. The latter is also Loi's manager. The lyrics were written by Sebastian Fruner, who studied Music Business in his Bachelor's degree and Music & Creative Industries in his Master's degree at the Popakademie.
I Follow" was produced by Mark Becker, Felix Volk and Simon Klose, Alumni Popmusikdesign B.A.. The mastering was done by Marco Kollenz , also alumni of the Pop Music Design program. The contact to McDonald's and the advertising deal came about through Julian Krohn, a graduate of the bachelor's degree program in music business at the Pop Academy.