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About us / News / 01. July 2024
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Summer concert with Popakademie alumna

01. July 2024

Popakademie alumna Alex Mayr will say goodbye to her album PARK on Friday, July 5 at the Seebühne in the Luisenpark.

Alex Mayr loves the Luisenpark. So much so that she dedicated an album to it. She already had a successful release show with PARK on the Seebühne in 2021. Now there will be another evening with Alex Mayr, entitled: Bye, bye Park.
With an almost cinematic sound of distorted dreampop guitars on a soundscape of strings and horns, garnished with a proper drum set, a lost Mellotron and lots of dreamlike percussion, she tells her very own stories in the best soundtrack pop, sometimes lyrically, sometimes with firm verbal slaps in the face. PARK is not only a homage to the place that gave the album its name, but also describes with every line the self-determined life of a modern woman to very special music that stands out refreshingly and pleasantly from the usual sentimental German pop. And all of this is performed on the park lake and outdoors in a balmy evening atmosphere, hopefully on a beautiful summer evening!

More info an tickets here!

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