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About us / News / 06. April 2022
Projektteam SMIX.LAB: Valerian Dilger, Franziska Rapp, Amelie Lauer und Leon Bauder f.l.t.r.

SMIX.LAB cooperates with Music Ally

06. April 2022

The SMIX.LAB of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg collaborated with the London-based company Music Ally. The aim of the collaboration was to produce a report on the impact of playlisting on the further development of streaming numbers of emerging artists:inside. It is an original study using Spotify data from a series of case studies to better understand the impact of playlisting on the "breakthrough" of some of the biggest newcomers of 2021.

The report is aimed at artists and marketers who want to rethink their approach to playlisting emerging artists and help them make decisions with more confidence. The goal is the sustainable success of up-and-coming artists in the world of music business, where digitalization now plays a major role.
As an interface between the online world and the traditional music industry, SMIX.LAB, founded in 2008, sees itself as a competence center for digital music business. It serves the transfer of digital knowledge, future-oriented research, investigates modern possibilities of music marketing, wants to help shape and initiate. The aim is to build up necessary qualifications and practical action competence in order to develop sustainable, future-oriented solution models for the music business.
The cooperation partner Music Ally is a globally operating "Knowledge Company" for the music business. The London-based company organizes conferences, offers training services and advises labels, tech companies, management and artists with a focus on digital music marketing and strategy.

Click here for Music Ally News and here for the full report.