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About us / News / 13. October 2020
Laila Mahmoud

Portrait video with world music student Laila Mahmoud released

13. October 2020

"Who do you want to be?". We have already asked this question to four students and alumni of the Popakademie in our image film, which was published on YouTube via the Popakademie channel in early May. Now we also asked the question to Laila Mahmoud, who is studying the bachelor's program in world music at the Popakademie.

The result is a short portrait film, which gives insights into the thoughts of the Kanun musician and focuses on her individual personality. It is worth clicking in.

The video was - like the image film - produced by Gallion Film and is therefore also on the business side a pure Popakademie production. The company, which is located in the neighboring creative industry center C-Hub, was founded by Popakademie graduate Dominik Meeth, among others. The former music business student Lena Paul was also involved in the production of the portrait film. The music in the video was composed by the artist herself.

In addition to the videos from the series "Who do you want to be?", four Popakademie sessions have also been published on the Popakademie's YouTube-Channel in recent months. The Live Sessions series portrays Popakademie musicians who are currently studying or have just finished their studies.
The current series introduces the four female and male artists Lucy Dye, LEOPOLD, Jenny Bright and Thilo. The new season is already being planned.