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About us / News / 02. February 2024
Soffie @ Chiara-Noemi Müller

Pop academic goes viral with her anti-fascist song

02. February 2024

Soffie, a student on the Popular Music Master's course, posted part of her song "Forever Spring" on TikTok three weeks ago. The song against right-wing extremism already has over 3.8 million views there and a further 3.1 million on Instagram - making it a viral hit. The song was officially released last Friday on all known streaming platforms.

The song, which Soffie uploaded as both a piano and an electro-pop version, describes a utopia of a country where spring reigns forever. „In das Land, in dem für immer Frühling ist, darf jede:r kommen und jede:r gehen, denn es gibt immer einen Platz am Tisch. Rot karierter Stoff, keine weißen Flaggen mehr, alle sind willkommen, kein Boot, das sinkt im Mittelmeer“. ("In the land where it's always spring, everyone can come and everyone can go, because there's always a place at the table. Red checkered fabric, no more white flags, everyone is welcome, no boat sinking in the Mediterranean".)

The 24-year-old Soffie does what women in German indie pop have not dared to do for a long time. With fat beats and even fatter vocals, she makes room for herself and everything she stands for. She allows herself to be what she has always been accused of being. She is too loud and dramatic. She is now proud of this and this is exactly what you can see and hear in her performances and songs. One thing is also clear in her lyrics: Soffie's thoughts are intense and complex.

You can watch the video here
Here is the official music video.