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Popakademie publishes white paper on generative AI

19. December 2023

The Popakademie Baden-Württemberg is publishing a new edition of the PopakademieDigital whitepaper series, which is dedicated to the topic of "Generative AI in the music business". The author is David Stammer, Project Manager Digital Innovation and responsible for the Future Music Camp.

"The music industry is on the threshold of a new era, characterized by the development of generative artificial intelligence. It not only enables new forms of music production, but also fundamentally changes how music is shared, marketed and experienced. This white paper is dedicated to shedding light on the diverse effects of generative AI on the music industry," says David Stammer, Project Manager Digital Innovation.

The white paper presents the key connections between generative AI and the music industry. It explains basic concepts as well as specific areas of application, such as the impact of AI on music production, music labels, music publishing and the live industry. David Stammer also addresses legal and ethical issues in the white paper. In summary, the paper provides a resource for anyone working at the intersection of AI and music.
The white paper is a summary of the contents of the Future Music Camp (May 25 & 26, 2023), which took place under the main topic "Creative Artificial Intelligence in the Music Business". It is also based on the findings of several case studies by student project groups in the SMIX.LAB: using various AI tools (text, image, music, video), students created a virtual artist and analyzed tools for AI-supported music marketing.
The paper also includes a toolboard that visualizes 50 currently available applications for AI-supported music production:
Students Nils Pastor (Music Business B.A., visualizations and project assistance) and Lukas Kolb (Music & Creative Industries M.A., chapter on AI in music labels) also contributed to the content of the project.
With PopakademieDigital, the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg regularly publishes white papers on topics relating to the digital music industry and current trends in the sector. The series is carried out in the SMIX.LAB (Social Music Innovation and Experience Lab), the Popakademie's digital competence center.

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