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About us / News / 08. June 2021

Popakademie awards Deutschlandstipendien

08. June 2021

The Popakademie Baden-Württemberg is once again awarding the Deutschlandstipendium to 20 students this year.

The scholarship supports students with outstanding performance in their studies for two semesters each. Social commitment and the successful overcoming of obstacles in life and education also count. The Pop Academy has been awarding the scholarship since 2012.

The funding comes from both the federal government and private sponsors. The Popakademie scholarships are sponsored by YouTube, the Wilhelm Müller Foundation and the Hans Thomann Foundation. This alliance of civil society commitment and government funding is what makes the Deutschlandstipendium so special.

The following students will receive the Deutschlandstipendium in the summer semester of 2021:

Bachelor Music Business:
Valentin Weigand, Mia Krause, Franziska Rapp und Sonja Urmann.

Master Music & Creative Industries:
Ulrike Schröder, Julia Silko, Bastian Ahlfänger, Denis Karasik und Thorsten Stricker.

Bachelor World Music:
Kemal Musdagi, Zenab Dala und Eren Erol.

Bachelor Pop Music Design:
Arbana Zahiti, Marth Fambo, Leon Büttner, Annabell Müller, Engin Devekiran und Anny Otoo.

Master Popular Music:
Hannah Wiese und Liza Jo Beringer