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About us / News / 01. June 2021
Sarah Braun Sarah © Flavienne Nguemdjo

Popakademie Talks with Sarah Braun

01. June 2021

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7 p.m., Sarah Elisabeth Braun will be a guest at Popakademie Talks. At the new series, program manager Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström talks with guests from the music and culture sector about current social issues. The topic in the summer semester 2021 is Discrimination and Privilege.

Sarah Elisabeth Braun gives a talk on discrimination and privilege. Braun is an Afro-German artist and activist. She is a co-founder of the BIPoC network, which advocates for a racism-free theater space, and has been an assistant director at Theater Bonn since 2018. Braun is active in various political and postcolonial structures where she works on racism, classism, feminism, and intersectionality. The focus of her work in artistic and in political contexts is to make visible and strengthen migrant and Black perspectives.

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