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About us / News / 11. April 2022

Popakademie Talks Mental Health in Music

11. April 2022

The Popakademie Talks in the summer semester 2022 revolve around the topic of Mental Health. On Tuesday 26 April 2022 (from 7pm), the Mental Health in Music (MiM) association will be our guest and will give an overview of the topic.

The MiM "Mental Health in Music" - Association for the Promotion of Mental Health in the Music Industry - is the central contact point for all people from the music industry and creative industries with an interest in the topic of mental health. It was founded in early 2020 by the psychologists and musicians Anne Löhr, Michael Wecker and Franziska Koletzki-Lauter. The aim of the association is to inform, raise awareness and provide the best possible centralised advice to all players in the sector in Germany. In addition to psychological individual and team counselling and engagement as a speaker, the association offers workshops and seminars on all aspects of mental health, such as crisis management and coping with anxiety and stress. Through close networking and cooperation with other associations, initiatives, festivals and music academies (including the Verein für Popkultur, RBF, ESNS, Bundesjazzorchester, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Music Pool Berlin, Berlin Music Commission, IHM), MiM also facilitates access to support and education services.

Anne Löhr and Michael Wecker will represent the MiM association at the Popakademie Talk on 26 April. Anne Löhr is a graduate psychologist, systemic therapist and coach. She advises and accompanies artists, bands and teams in the music and creative industries throughout Germany. As a musician, she is also a member of various female-in-music networks, such as MusicWomenGermany. Michael Wecker is a qualified psychologist and psychological psychotherapist. He advises musicians and artists. Michael Wecker is also a lecturer in the field of music and psychology.

The Popakademie Talk on 26 April 2022 at 7 pm will take place online. Click here to register for Popakademie Talks.

The other dates of the Popakademie Talks in the summer semester 2022 will be announced soon.