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About us / News / 07. June 2024
JUPYTER © Hannah Bechmann

Popakademie students live on stage at the Sunday Beats 2024

07. June 2024

For the sixth year in a row, students from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg will be performing live on stage in Herzogenriedpark Mannheim. As part of the Sunday Beats 2024 concert series, four Popakademie acts will be performing on various Sundays from 3 pm in the concert shell in Herzogenriedpark.

JUPYTER will kick things off on 09.06.204. The Mannheim-based indie pop band JUPYTER has developed into an exciting newcomer in the German indie pop landscape since its musical launch in spring 2022. The elements of neo-soul that flow into JUPYTER's songs are particularly special and whet the appetite for summer. Somewhere between JEREMIAS, Province and Tom Misch, that's where JUPYTER sits.
JUPYTER released their debut EP ‘Underdog’ on 1 December 2023. All singles from the EP made it into the top 15 of the ‘Wilde Herzen’ playlist on Spotify. Their music was also featured in DIFFUS Magazine, Picky Magazine and in the top 3 of Spotify's ‘Fresh Finds GSA’ playlist. Alex, Steffen, Paul and Ruben came together in spring to form the current band and are one heart and one soul. Together, the four Popakademie students manage to get any audience dancing with their rousing rhythms and honest lyrics.
Sitting still? No way!

The concert series continues on 14.07.2024 with NNOA. NNOA is many things, but above all rich in contrast. She stands for female power, sassy and socio-critical statements paired with delicate, fragile vocals. NNOA uses her musical range with great sensitivity and draws her listeners into a world of RnB, soul and jazz-influenced pop that is sometimes loud and energetic, sometimes very quiet and fragile.

EYPA are on the programme on 18.08.24. Mannheim-based electro duo EYPA - consisting of Paul-Aaron Wolf (synthesizer and percussion) and Eyad Ghannam (e-oud) - combine western sound art with pulsating beats to create an electro-acoustic sound of warm oriental colours. Synthesiser and oud (a short-necked lute from the Middle East) create an oriental soundscape, drum machines and various frame drums provide the vibe and groove, both in the club and at open-air events. Composition and improvisation merge into a trance and turn every live set into a unique show.

Loen closes the concert series on 08.09.24 for this year. Loen is an unmistakable singer-songwriter from Russia. A young woman with a strong voice and a guitar in her hand who pushes the boundaries of indie folk music with her work. Healing songs in English and Russian with an acoustic sound, folk elements and soulful lyrics. As sincere and tender as a sky-blue flax flower, this music also has an incredible power to heal hearts.

Admission to the concerts is free, admission to the Herzogenriedpark is €4, for students €3.

Sunday Beats has been the joint concert series of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and Stadtpark Mannheim gGmbH since 2019. The concert series was initiated by the Popakademie's own artist agency KLINKT, which has been helping solo musicians, bands and producers from the Popakademie to organise live events or projects in the field of music marketing since 2007. The artist and utilisation agency is thus the interface between the musicians of the Popakademie and the economy and society in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.