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About us / News / 09. April 2021
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Popakademie professor is co-editor of book publication

09. April 2021

Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström, programme manager of the Bachelor's programmes Pop Music Design and World Music at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, is co-editor of the recently published book "Made in Germany - Studies in Popular Music". The book was published by Routledge as part of the "Global Popular Music" series.

"We are very proud that this volume not only covers well-known genres such as Neue Deutsche Welle, Krautrock and Power Metal from Germany, but also the music of those who are otherwise less highlighted, such as Turkish hip-hop from Germany or the music of people from the former Soviet Union," says Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström.

The book "Made in Germany - Studies in Popular Music" offers a comprehensive introduction to the history, sociology and reception of contemporary popular music. The anthology takes a look at German popular music, as associated with Germany and produced in Germany.

The contributions come from leading international researchers, including Prof. Udo Dahmen, Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, Prof. Dr. Heiko Wandler, Programme Manager for the Popular Music Master's programme at the Popakademie and Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström. Prof. Udo Dahmen describes the study and education of Popular Music in an interview. Prof. Dr. Heiko Wandler discusses the background of Eurodance and Eurodisco and their influence on the top of the charts, and Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström presents the concert scene of Russian-language popular music in Germany.

Co-editor Prof. Dr. David-Emil Wickström studied musicology, ethnomusicology and Scandinavian studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Bergen (Norway). After field research in St. Petersburg, he was employed at the University of Copenhagen. In 2009, he wrote his doctoral thesis on popular music in St. Petersburg and the German-Austrian Russian disco scene. His research interests include popular music in the post-Soviet space, traditional Norwegian vocal music and the reception of country and bluegrass in Scandinavia. He is concerned with questions of fieldwork methodology and music in relation to locality, identity and migration.

The book (ISBN 9780815391784, 248 pages) is now available in the publisher's online shop: