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Popacademie Panel at Nøk 2023

29. September 2023

Night culture is urban society in a high-pressure cauldron, night culture drives innovation, increases economic growth and significantly determines the identity of a city. Night culture is so much more than partying. With NØK, the international night culture conference, NEXT Mannheim is shining a spotlight for the third time on the growing international importance of live and club culture after sundown.

In many respects, music plays a central role in the development, advancement or appearance of a city or region. Urban subcultures can be a figurehead and thus become an attractor for many different people or companies. They fulfill a high degree of complementary functions to the demands of the meritocracy and contribute to an attractive lifestyle.
How can existing scenes therefore be strengthened or developed? Who is needed for this and which concepts are promising in this respect?

The discussion will focus on how artistic scenes can be supported or even sustained by infrastructures in the music and media industries, and how they can continue to develop. Above all, the basic economic and cultural policy work must be done so that this infrastructure can emerge.

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