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About us / News / 20. November 2018
Jules Kalmbacher with the Hookline Band

Popakademie cooperates with funk for music format "Hookline

20. November 2018

For the new video format "Hookline", funk, the online media service under public law, works closely with the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. The first episodes of "Hookline" have been available on YouTube and other channels since the end of October.

The funk format "Hookline" turns songs upside down: Different genres are explained, crossed over and brought to the audience in a playful and entertaining way. Well-known songs - there is always one current hit per episode - guarantee the recognition value. New episodes are published every Thursday and Sunday at 16.00 hrs on YouTube and Host and musical director of the show is the Mannheim-based producer Jules Kalmbacher, who studied Music Business at the Popakademie.

In the current winter semester, content is being developed, produced and evaluated on Instagram as part of a joint student project. The project is led by Christian Kleinau, who as editor is responsible for the online presence of the heute-show (ZDF) in addition to the various formats for funk. Kleinau also studied Music Business at the Popakademie.

The student project is part of the Project Factory of the music and creative industries department of the Popakademie. There, a large number of student projects are realized each semester in cooperation with the music industry. Partners include Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, BMG Rights Management, YouTube, FKP Scorpio, Chimperator Live and Red Bull, as well as various smaller companies in the music and creative industries.

Outside the student project, the Popakademie also supports the video format "Hookline" with its network. Not only was it possible to establish contact with Jules Kalmbacher, but the majority of the musicians in the "Hookline" band are students and graduates of the Mannheim university.

"With 'Hookline' you can see very well how the alumni network of the Popakademie can work on different levels. The fact that our graduates enjoy working with the Popakademie again and again and passing on their skills to the next generations is confirmation of our way of training and of inestimable value," says Tina Sikorski, head of the Popakademie's Project Factory.

The host and music expert of the programme Jules Kalmbacher was able to reach the top of the album charts as a producer with the current album of The BossHoss and has also successfully worked with Mark Forster, Joris, Imagine Dragons, Cro and Xavier Naidoo.

New episodes of "Hookline" are available every Sunday and Thursday on YouTube and