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YouTube Internship Promotion Futuremakers Work Experience

26. July 2022

Together with and through funding from YouTube, the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg was able to establish a short-term scholarship in the summer semester of 2022, as part of a long-term existing partnership. For the first time, the compulsory internships as part of the bachelor's degree program in music business will be financially supported.

Self-organized internships are primarily supported in the live, booking, festival, or touring sector. Since the live industry is the sub-sector of the music industry most affected by the Corona pandemic, both YouTube and the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg wanted to focus on strengthening this sub-sector. Two internships abroad will be funded with 1000€ per month for three months, as well as five internships in Germany with 500€ per month for three months. The financial support is primarily intended to enable students to gain practical experience in times of rising living costs, especially in large media cities and thus the priority locations for interns.

The following students have received the funding:

  • Elisabeth Feuerstein (Ireland)
  • Benedikt Prüwer (USA)

  • Nils Pastor
  • Sara Holzwarth
  • Sebastian Reimann
  • Selina Blessin
  • Laetitia Hofmann