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Popakademie at The look of sound

05. May 2023

From 8 - 10 May, anyone interested has the opportunity to attend the 20th International Forum for Films about Music "The look of sound" in Mannheim free of charge. The venue is the Cineplex (formerly Cinemaxx), the organisers are the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, the Cultural Office of the City of Mannheim and Next Mannheim. The project is also supported by the Medien- und Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

The kick-off on Monday afternoon belongs to the " Junges Forum" (Young Forum), which will be organised by students and young filmmakers. One of the highlights will be the documentary by Thorsten Schütte about the Popakademie's Music Camp in Namibia. The film will be presented by director Thorsten Schütte and Prof. Udo Dahmen.

Following the film Leave The Door Open by Ümran Safter at 6 pm, Prof. Udo Dahmen will talk about the Ertegün brothers and the role of Atlantic Records.
For more information on the complete programme of "The look of sound", please click here.

Admission is free of charge.