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Popakademie & Bandpool acts at the Kesselfestival

27. May 2024

The Kessel Festival is a music festival that takes place annually at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart since 2019. This year from May 31 to June 01. Popakademie and Bandpool acts are playing this year.

Bandpool Act ClockClock
Behind the name ClockClock lies the singer/songwriter Boki and the producer collective around Mark and Feezy - the trio creates the band's extraordinary ClockClock songs and energetic sounds. Characteristic of ClockClock's music: the emotional honesty of conveying only what is going on inside them. In 2024, the band wants to encourage through their journey so far; to inspire and make it clear that it is worth dreaming and giving everything for it with the right people by your side.

Bandpool Act Province
All there, all beautiful. The band's history reads like a brilliant exclamation mark: Festival headliner slots, countless sold-out live shows and their own tours across Germany, over 430 million streams, two #10 albums in the official German charts, several singles in the airplay charts, appearances across the German TV landscape - the foursome from southern Germany have recently made a name for themselves and have become an integral part of the German-speaking music landscape. Between the distinctive vocal color of frontman Vincent, sometimes melancholic, sometimes feverish, but always standing out, there is a rousing sound construct that makes free use of indie, alternative, but also electronic elements and lyrically circulates around the blueprint between rebellion, lovesickness, mental health, attitude to life and, of course, the province.

More Popakademie and Bandpool acts will be performing throught the evening on the newcomer stage on Saturday, June 01.

Bandpool Act Remote Bondage
A captivating experience: the five graces make music clearly and directly, coming of age, through and through. Their sound is pop, but loud and distorted, grunge and theatrical. Their lyrics deal with the abysses of life, the utopia of a smashed patriarchy and, not infrequently, sex - whether fast, slow or no sex. Without pointing a finger, the five want to depict their reality and make it possible for their audience to sing along with their courage. No matter how, no matter where, the main thing is to be colorful, a little nasty and always with a touch of irony, the three singers, a bassist and a charming drummer make their way into alternative pop-rock heaven.

Bandpool Act ANNA YUNA
ANNA YUNA wants to change a lot and let go of a lot. Somewhere between quiet world-weariness, blurred lights on the way home at four in the morning and a newfound lightness in the middle of the Berlin summer. Looking forward, accompanied by electronic elements - even if everything around them sometimes stands still. It's about the process of finding yourself again - without compromise. Electronic indie-pop sound and pure vocal color leave room to feel, sometimes honestly loud and sometimes gently quiet.

Bandpool Act Moltke&Mörike
Pogo chaos, self-doubt and shitting on your Nazi neighbor's doorstep. That's Moltke&Mörike: punk music with indie vibes in German. Is it still possible to reinvent the wheel in music? Probably not. Not in punk anyway, and certainly not in Ulm. The three guys are aware of this. And yet they do it anyway, true to the motto: “If not us, then who?” But in the end, it doesn't matter. Because Moltke&Mörike come across as authentic, singing about a world between garage sound and indie ballad that raises more questions than it answers. Their attitude is clear at all times. The themes of the lyrics are nothing new, but at the same time more topical than ever and still important. They combine the anger of their generation with sarcasm, attention to detail and a reflective view of society - and they do it without the admonishing finger. The combination of intelligent, powerful lyrics and music that swings back and forth between punk, indie and pop comes across with ease and naturalness.

Popakademie act Nikra: In a world that is slowly moving towards the abyss, divided by hatred and oppression, many seek solace in money, drugs and selfies. The shrinking middle class is resigned and apolitical, the punks have grown old and lost their anger. While many of the new generation only think about their own goals, such as career and nuclear family, there is one that is loud, for what is worth fighting for: Nikra is the symbol of a movement that can't sleep, didn't go to school on Fridays, that lives diversity, whose anger is not understood, and that cries out for a future! Nikra makes music for the playlist generation, whose raw sound is so loud that cell phone speakers explode. A generation that sees genre and gender categorization as an obstacle. Nikra is the voice of rebellion and the thunder to the rainbow!

Popakademie act NNOA [pronounced: noa] is many things, but above all rich in contrast. She stands for female power, sassy and socially critical statements paired with delicate, fragile vocals. NNOA uses her musical range with great sensitivity and draws her listeners into a world of RnB, soul and jazz-influenced pop that is sometimes loud and energetic, sometimes very quiet and fragile. It is unmistakable that as the front woman of various band projects, she has already been able to collect many kilometers on the small and large stages of this world. She captivates her crowd with an incredible routine and ease, sometimes bossy, sometimes approachable.

Popakademie act Jupyter
A beer in Berlin's Mauerpark, the “freshly in love” feeling, the tears after parting - the band JUPYTER has nestled itself in the middle of the tension between heartache and joie de vivre. Since their musical launch in spring 2022, Mannheim-based indie pop band JUPYTER have developed into an exciting newcomer in the German indie pop landscape. The elements of neo-soul that flow into JUPYTER's songs are particularly special and whet the appetite for summer. Somewhere between JEREMIAS, Province and Tom Misch, that's where JUPYTER sits.

You can find more info and tickets here.