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About us / News / 19. November 2020
Stefan Wandel und Thomas Woschitz from OSTAR Music Network (f.l.) © MFG Moritz Jäger

Popakademie alumni receive IDEENSTARK award 2020

19. November 2020

For their OSTAR Music Network, Thomas Woschitz, a graduate of Pop Music Design and the Music and Creative Industries, and Stefan Wandel, a graduate of Pop Music Design and Popular Music, were one of ten winning teams to receive the IDEENSTARK 2020 award from the Media and Film Association of the State of Baden-Württemberg.
The one-year support programme includes individual coaching and joint workshops.

With their Mannheim-based company OSTAR Music Network, the two Popakademie Alumni Woschitz and Wandel initiate international further education programmes for creative professionals in the music and music industry. Together with partners, including the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, they offer music and music business camps with the aim of intercultural exchange.

The current main project is the Ural Music Camp in Russia. For three years, a team of European and Russian experts has been working to provide a platform for creative work, to enable access to specialist knowledge and to find new ways of evaluating creative potential.
The documentation of the Ural Music Camp has been published on YouTube.

The IDEENSTARK prize is awarded annually by the Media and Film Association of the State of Baden-Württemberg. The competition for innovative business ideas from the creative industry honours Baden-Württemberg's creative companies.

The task of MFG Baden-Württemberg is to promote film culture and industry as well as the cultural and creative industries. Programmes and projects support cultural and creative workers in the southwest.

The stream of the digital award ceremony can be seen on the website of IDEENSTARK.