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Popakademie alumna receives platinum and gold awards

17. May 2024

On May 16, 2024, Universal Music's Family Entertainment department presented several awards to the creative team behind the children's music radio play series “Eule findet den Beat” at the “Badehaus” club in Berlin.
The awards celebrated the platinum status of the 2014 debut “Eule findet den Beat” and gold for selling over 100,000 albums each of the successors “Eule findet den Beat 2 - Auf Europatour” and “Eule findet den Beat - mit Gefühl”.

The genesis of “Eule findet den Beat” goes back to 2012: Charlotte Simon is studying graphic design in Hamburg, Nina Addin at the Popakademie in Mannheim. For their final projects at university, they decided to make a children's music radio play that could bring a breath of fresh air to the children's music market, or at least to a few daycare centers. They send the finished radio play with its ten songs to the great songwriter Rolf Zuckowski, whom Nina had actually met by chance shortly before in the elevator of the Universal Music record company. A few days later, he calls enthusiastically to sign the Eule radio play with Universal for his label “noch mal!!!”, which he had founded in 2012 for the debut of the Hamburg children's hip-hop band Deine Freunde.
It didn't take long for it to become clear that “Eule findet den Beat” had struck a chord with children, parents and the media and that their entertainingly packaged music education concept had obviously been long awaited.
Over the years, Eule has become the most popular music educator for children in German-speaking countries. In the fall of 2022, the fourth Eule music radio play “Eule findet den Beat - mit Instrumenten” will be released, again with 10 varied songs, and in 2023 another theater concert for “Eule findet den Beat - mit Gefühl” will go on tour.
In addition to Nina Addin (Music Business B.A.), the following Popakademie alumni were honored: Johann Seifert (Pop Music Design B.A.), Lisa Marie Seifert (Pop Music Design B.A.), Sebastian Rotard (Pop Music Design B.A.), David Kirchner (Popular Music M.A.), Karlie Apriori (Karolin Kretzschmar (Music Business B.A.)).
Nina, Charlotte and Christina: “The idea of all these children and families listening to our Eule radio plays, singing, dancing, laughing and even crying, is such a gift!”

Rolf Zuckowski: “What Nina, Charlotte and Christina have created with the Owl series is unparalleled in the world of children's music culture. I welcomed and supported the project with its wealth of ideas as an innovation right from the start. On my label “noch mal!!! the program is an extremely popular gem and as the “godfather” of the little owl I am always happy to stand by her side.”

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