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Vincent Dellwig ©Jan Homeyer

Popakademie acts at Capitol

26. April 2024

Finally it's time again // Capitol Indie Nights // Casino Indie Nights //
The series will take place four times this year at the Casino. If you like music beyond the mainstream, this is the place for you. Singer-songwriters from the region and further away show what music has to offer, including the two Popakademie acts Vincent Dellwig and listentojules.

See Vincent Dellwig live at the Capitol on 02.05.2024!

Vincent Dellwig, a student on the Popular Music Master's course, is a guitarist, songwriter and singer from Lübeck and has a truly unique selling point with his authentic style - and you'll recognize this immediately when you listen to his sounds. From echoes of Joe Bonamassa or Gary Moore to groovy guitar riffs and melodic themes in the style of Dellwig's great guitar idols (Simon McBride, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani etc.), the artist incorporates all his personal influences into his compositions. The professional guitarist, who now lives in Mannheim, sings about past phases of his life - partly autobiographical, partly fictional. Stories full of nostalgia and emotion - and each song represents its own chapter.

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listentojules live at the Capitol on 14.11.2024

A year in the US shaped the first songs of Jules aka listentojules and marked the start of her musical journey. She then went on to study for a Master's degree in Popular Music at the Popakademie. Today, the multiple award winner and scholarship holder tours internationally and writes songs about life and nature. These delve deeper into a world of contemporary grooves and fascinating walls of sound, carried by unmistakable guitar picking and her warm, unique voice. Whether it's a solo show with a shimmering black and gold electric guitar from the 60s or a festival stage with a large band: listentojules envelops her audience, who can let themselves drift in this world and enjoy the sun.

The journey begins with a view into a treetop, through the turquoise of the leaves into the light of the sun. The heat on the skin and this light above: bright and colorful, from below the glittering reflections of the water. The leaves of the tree in motion, fluttering restlessly in the rising wind, constantly turning, constantly rearranging, changing - like a kaleidoscope. listentojules moves in this kaleidoscope, her songs form the colors and patterns themselves that can be discovered in it. She dissolves the boundaries of musical genres, changing them fluidly. In this way, the most diverse images and, above all, perspectives on the world emerge again and again, because listentojules has something to say. As part of Music Declares Emergency, she declares a climate emergency and calls for a vision of a sustainable future in which dialog is entered into, diversity and inclusivity are addressed, everything is reorganized and the world is seen through different eyes: listentojules wants change.

Critics are impressed by the sophistication of the variety, the steady pulse and the organic interplay of the analog music world. This earthy yet shimmering sound matches listentojules' love of nature. She has been exploring the hurdles and opportunities of being a climate-friendly musician for several years and has made sustainability the central theme of her current album/tour production, and not just in terms of content. The new album "KALEIDOSCOPE" was released on 30.06.2023 by Jazzhaus Records.

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