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Popakademie Acts at c/o Pop 24-28.04.

23. April 2024

c/o Pop is a festival that has been held in Cologne since 2004 and consists of a music festival and an industry meeting. The festival brings national and international acts from the fields of electro, indie, hip-hop/rap and related styles to Cologne stages - including established artists and newcomers. In recent years, the focus has increasingly shifted towards national newcomers - after all, c/o pop sees itself as a festival of discovery.

The c/o pop Convention takes place parallel to the festival. The convention is a meeting place for the music industry and cooperating sectors such as the digital economy and games. Keynotes, talks, presentations, workshops and training sessions provide a practical look into the future. There are also plenty of opportunities to network. The convention sees itself as a platform for networking and interaction for bands, artists and the entire associated ecosystem.

This year, Soffie, student of the Popakademie's Popular Music Master's program, known for her viral hit "Für immer Frühling", will be performing. Soffie does what women in German indie pop have not dared to do for a long time. With fat beats and even fatter vocals, she makes room for herself and everything she stands for. She allows herself to be what she has always been accused of being. She is too loud and dramatic. She is now proud of this and you can see and hear it in her performances and songs. One thing is also clear in her lyrics: Soffie's thoughts are intense and complex. In her German lyrics, she looks inwards and creates a space in which there is room to be emotional and dance at the same time. One motto always leads the way: the world is so much more fun when you allow yourself to live it in fortissimo (ff).

In addition, Annelie Schwarz, student of the Master's program in Popular Music with a focus on producing, is offering a producing workshop with her project AUFMISCHEN:
The song idea is there and maybe you've already recorded your first tracks. And now? How does producing work and can you learn it? We have the studied producer, songwriter and drummer Annelie Schwarz aka AUFMISCHEN as our guest, who will give you an insight into her work. She produces and composes for various artists from neo-soul to hip-hop and electro-pop to techno and drum and bass and has also been working as a recording and mixing engineer since 2020. Annelie is one of the winners of the Female* Producer Prize 2023 and also won the Diana AI Songwriting Award. In addition to technical tips on setting up your home studio and all about plugins and synths, she will answer your questions about producing in the New Talent Session.

There will also be performances by the Bandpool acts KatKit and Ottolien.
From energetic, rough lines to fragile, breathy tones: Kat Kit breaks with the apparent contradiction of gentleness and power. With her eyes closed, she draws cinematic landscapes of an introverted spirit on the piano. In her productions, she combines jazzy harmonies and unusual song structures with catchy pop beats.
She grew up in a former boarding house in a mixed forest in the East Westphalian province. At some point, she plunged into the urban parallel world unchecked. If you think of it as music, then that's about OTTOLIEN.
Both are part of the 26th generation of the Bandpool. The Bandpool is the top support program of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and offers selected artists an extensive program of workshops, coaching and mentoring.