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About us / News / 06. June 2024
NNOA ©Niko Neithardt

Popakademie and Bandpool acts at the DASDING Festival

06. June 2024

The DASDING Festival enters its third round. On June 08, 2024 the festival will return.

The line-up includes Popakademie and Bandpool acts.

NNOA, students of the Popular Music Master's program at the Popakademie, will open the DASDING Festival at 15:00 on the Open Air Bühne.

Bandpool act KASI will also be playing in the Palastzelt at 16:15.

At 18:50, Paula Carolina and her band will perform in the Palastzelt. Felix Burtscher (drums), Nikolaus Winkelhausen (guitar) and Jonas Schmitt (keys) are studying for a bachelor's degree in pop music design at the Popakademie. Paula Carolina is managed by Sara Holzwarth, a student on the Bachelor's degree course in Music Business.

NNOA is many things, but above all rich in contrast. She stands for female power, sassy and socio-critical statements paired with delicate, fragile vocals. NNOA uses her musical range with great sensitivity and draws her listeners into a world of RnB, soul and jazz-influenced pop that is sometimes loud and energetic, sometimes very quiet and fragile.

The performance was arranged by the Popakademie's own artist agency KLINKT, which has been helping Popakademie solo musicians, bands and producers with live events or music marketing projects since 2007. The artist and exploitation agency thus acts as an interface between the musicians of the Popakademie and the economy and society in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

KASI moves somewhere between indie, rap and pop, like a number of young artists at the moment. Above all, however, his music sounds raw, genuine and unaffected. Lyrics depending on the mood, heart on the tongue, self-reflection without ChiChi and cheap tricks - Kasi is just Kasi.

Paula's piano is called “Olaf”. This info won't explain why you'll end up in a mosh pit at her concert, but it's still sweet, isn't it? While “Olaf” tends to be used in songwriting, Paula Carolina often plays guitar at her concerts. The best song to show off at the Friendos or to get you in the mood for a trip to Berlin is “Schreien!”. At least we haven't heard anyone before who has illustrated a night in the capital with run-over foxes. Perhaps you also think about these images when you switch from studying to be a teacher to a full-time musician in the middle of a pandemic or call the Allgäu your emotional home. Understandable if that was a little too weird for you.

The complete line-up, more information and tickets can be found here.

The concept for the DASDING Festival was originally developed in the summer semester of 2020 by a project group in the Bachelor's degree course in Music Business at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg under the project management of David Stammer. The first implementation then followed in 2021.